Fedora 10 Docs Team Key Milestones

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1. Fedora 10 Wed 23-Dec-2009
2. Planning Phase Tue 19-Aug-2008
3. Open Feature Submission Tue 19-Aug-2008
4. Development Phase Thu 21-Aug-2008
5. Wiki Release Note Beats Thu 21-Aug-2008
6. Testing Phase Tue 25-Nov-2008
7. Alpha Release Tue 23-Sep-2008
8. Alpha Freeze Tue 22-Jul-2008
9. Alpha Release Meeting Wed 30-Jul-2008
10. Prepare Alpha Release Notes Mon 04-Aug-2008
11. Post Final Alpha Release Notes Mon 04-Aug-2008
12. Alpha Public Availability Tue 05-Aug-2008
13. Beta Release Tue 28-Oct-2008
14. Software String Freeze Thu 11-Sep-2008
15. Nagmail to developers/beat writers Thu 11-Sep-2008
16. Beta Release Meeting Wed 17-Sep-2008
17. Comb Beats and Feature Pages Tue 30-Sep-2008
18. Post Beta Release Notes One-Page Tue 30-Sep-2008
19. Beta Public Availability Tue 30-Sep-2008
20. Beta Freeze on Wiki for Preview Release Wed 08-Oct-2008
21. Prepare Wiki Beats for Port to Preview Release DocBook XML Thu 09-Oct-2008
22. Import wiki content to fedorahosted.org/release-notes Fri 10-Oct-2008
23. Generate POT files for all fedora-release-notes.rpm content Fri 10-Oct-2008
24. fedora-release-notes.rpm String Freeze Fri 10-Oct-2008
25. Install Guide String Freeze Mon 27-Oct-2008
26. Preview Release Tue 25-Nov-2008
27. Final Development Freeze Tue 28-Oct-2008
28. Compose Stage Sync (releng) Tue 04-Nov-2008
29. Web Site Tue 25-Nov-2008
30. Update Web Site Design Tue 18-Nov-2008
31. Proof and Test Web Site Tue 25-Nov-2008
32. Ready for Launch Tue 25-Nov-2008
33. Preview Release Meeting Wed 29-Oct-2008
34. Build fedora-release-notes.rpm for Preview Release Thu 30-Oct-2008
35. Validate Release Notes Preview XML for all languages Fri 31-Oct-2008
36. Post release-notes to fedorahosted.org Fri 31-Oct-2008
37. Validate Install Guide Preview XML for all languages Mon 03-Nov-2008
38. Publish Install Guide Preview to web (non-live) Mon 03-Nov-2008
39. Publish Install Guide Preview LIVE on web Tue 04-Nov-2008
40. Preview Release Public Availability Tue 04-Nov-2008
41. Launch Phase Mon 01-Dec-2008
42. Release Candidate Tue 25-Nov-2008
43. Prepare GA Release Notes Wed 05-Nov-2008
44. Port diff wiki content to fh.o/rel-notes Thu 06-Nov-2008
45. GA Release Notes String Freeze Thu 06-Nov-2008
46. Generate GA Release Notes POT files for Translation Thu 06-Nov-2008
47. Compose & Red Hat Testing (releng) Thu 20-Nov-2008
48. Validate Release Notes Final XML for all languages Thu 13-Nov-2008
49. Build fedora-release-notes.rpm (FRN) Fri 14-Nov-2008
50. GA Release Meeting Wed 19-Nov-2008
51. Validate Install Guide final XML for all languages Mon 24-Nov-2008
52. Final Wiki Beats Snapshot Mon 24-Nov-2008
53. Build Install Guide (IG) in all languages Mon 24-Nov-2008
54. Port diff wiki content to fh.o/rel-notes Tue 25-Nov-2008
55. Publish Install Guide to web (non-live) Mon 24-Nov-2008
56. 0-Day rel-notes update docs.fp.org Tue 25-Nov-2008
57. 0-Day rel-notes build updated rpm Tue 25-Nov-2008
58. 0-Day rel-notes generate POT Tue 25-Nov-2008
59. GA Release Tue 25-Nov-2008
60. Maintenance Phase Fedora 10 Wed 23-Dec-2009
61. Add translated zero-day updates to docs.fp.org Mon 08-Dec-2008

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