Fedora 9 Art Team Key Milestones

Overview Details Milestones Performance iCal File All F9
No. Name End
1. Fedora 9 2008-May-13
2. Artwork 2008-Apr-08
3. Default Theme 2008-Apr-08
4. Round One 2008-Jan-08
5. Create wiki and send announcement 2007-Nov-08
6. Collect sketches 2008-Jan-08
7. Three Conceptual Sketches Completed 2008-Jan-08
8. Round Two 2008-Feb-05
9. Theme Walpaper Draft 2008-Feb-05
10. Virtically Long Supporting Artwork 2008-Feb-05
11. Horizontally Long Supporting Artwork 2008-Feb-05
12. Square Supporting Artwork 2008-Feb-05
13. Round Three 2008-Feb-28
14. Fullscreen splash for syslinux 2008-Feb-28
15. Square splash for anaconda and firstboot 2008-Feb-28
16. Anaconda horizontal header 2008-Feb-28
17. Firstboot vertical header 2008-Feb-28
18. Fullscreen grub splash 2008-Feb-28
19. bootup/loading graphics (new rhgb coming for f9?) 2008-Feb-28
20. Fullscreen splash for gdm (new gdm, only wallpaper image needed) 2008-Feb-28
21. kdm login screen theme 2008-Feb-28
22. gnome splash screen 2008-Feb-28
23. kde splash screen 2008-Feb-28
24. gnome screensaver lock dialog 2008-Feb-28
25. Package Artwork for Beta 2008-Mar-04
26. Final Artwork Package 2008-Apr-08
27. Marketing 2008-Apr-08
28. Kick Off Meeting/Email Thread 2008-Mar-17
29. Firefox default page 2008-Mar-31
30. Design 2008-Mar-24
31. Package 2008-Mar-31
32. DVD/CD label artwork 2008-Mar-31
33. Design 2008-Mar-24
34. Prepare for Printer 2008-Mar-31
35. Ready for Printer 2008-Mar-31
36. Web Site 2008-Apr-08
37. Design 2008-Apr-01
38. Proof and Test Web Site 2008-Apr-08
39. Ready for Launch 2008-Apr-08
40. Banner Creation 2008-Mar-24
41. Count Down Graphic 2008-Mar-31

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