Fedora 10 Art Team Key Milestones

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No. Name End
1. Fedora 10 Wed 23-Dec-2009
2. Planning Phase Tue 19-Aug-2008
3. Open Feature Submission Tue 19-Aug-2008
4. Testing Phase Tue 25-Nov-2008
5. Alpha Release Tue 23-Sep-2008
6. Alpha Release Meeting Wed 30-Jul-2008
7. Prepare Alpha Release Notes Mon 04-Aug-2008
8. Alpha Public Availability Tue 05-Aug-2008
9. Alpha Testing Thu 11-Sep-2008
10. End of Alpha Thu 11-Sep-2008
11. Beta Release Tue 28-Oct-2008
12. Feature Freeze Thu 11-Sep-2008
13. Beta Release Meeting Wed 17-Sep-2008
14. Comb Beats and Feature Pages Tue 30-Sep-2008
15. Beta Public Availability Tue 30-Sep-2008
16. Beta Testing Tue 28-Oct-2008
17. End of Beta Tue 28-Oct-2008
18. Preview Release Tue 25-Nov-2008
19. Final Development Freeze Tue 28-Oct-2008
20. Preview Release Meeting Wed 29-Oct-2008
21. Preview Release Public Availability Tue 04-Nov-2008
22. Preview Testing Wed 12-Nov-2008
23. End of Preview Release Wed 12-Nov-2008
24. Launch Phase Mon 01-Dec-2008
25. Release Candidate Tue 25-Nov-2008
26. Prepare GA Release Notes Wed 05-Nov-2008
27. Compose & Red Hat Testing (releng) Thu 20-Nov-2008
28. GA Release Meeting Wed 19-Nov-2008
29. GA Release Tue 25-Nov-2008

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